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What We Do

Our Approach

Quality education is the foundation to improving people’s lives and sustainable development (SDG 4). Economic growth must be inclusive to provide sustainable jobs and promote equality (SDG1). To reduce inequalities, policies should pay attention to the needs of disadvantaged and marginalized populations (SGD 10) and create sustainable economic growth for youths and women to have quality (SDG 8). Food and agriculture sectors and access to safe reliable water offers key solutions for development and is central for hunger and poverty eradication (SDG 2).


Sawa Education programs focus on equipping children, youths and adults with a solid foundation that will forever empower them to be world changers and global leaders. We do this through our holistic and innovative education approaches. These includes a daily healthy diet, a low teacher to student ratio, girls and boys club, co-curricular activities, STEM, Computer skills, the Arts, spiritual development, social work support, mentorship and leadership development.

Education Programs
Our Education Programs Include:


Sawa YouthHub is dedicated to empowering youths to gain skills that will enable them to end the cycle of poverty in their families and communities. We work to enhance the capacity of underserved youths, girls and young women. We create and mobilize opportunities that gives them equal access to the competitive digital age and market.

YouthHub Objectives:

To give youths access to opportunities for exposure and learning.
To create a girls safe space for creativity, innovation and leadership.
To develop youth leadership and advocacy skills.
To give youths access to formal and informal education.
To empower youths, girls and young women for entrepreneurship, job market, and tech opportunities.



SomaSawa model aggressively intervenes at the right time to close the gaps in education before learners become unsuccessful. We leverage resources, partners, community volunteers, education enthusiasts and parents to offer a robust but cost-effective innovation to learners. Hence a fast and effective impact on learners left behind in their education.

Our interventions address gaps in digital skills, literacy, numeracy, STEM, the Arts, life skills and extracurricular activities.

SomaSawa Approach
- Building public school teachers capacity with innovative
interventions to enhance students learning in their classrooms
- Mentor and support teachers as they strive to address barriers
to learning and improve student outcomes.

- Give learners access to resources and tools that will enable them to build foundational
and advanced skills for lifelong learning.
- Advocate for policy change and curriculum support by engaging county and national
education leaders and stakeholders in all levels of our work.

 Lighthouse Academy 

LightHouse Academy was designed to provide Holistic Education to children left behind in learning, have no access to education services and the most vulnerable of the community. Girls make up 75% of the school population.

The school has performed exceptionally and graduated many students in the top of their class nationwide. The school offers an international curriculum that is focused on character development, skill development, leadership, extra-curricular activities, computer skills, STEM and the ARTS.

The student to teacher ratio is 12:1. Meals and all school supplies are provided. Parents and guardians are invested at their level of family economic ability. The school has become a hub where many community needs are met.

 Economic Development 

Sawa’s economic empowerment model partners with local families to break the cycle of poverty. We provide access to skill training, social enterprise training, social enterprise cooperatives, food security through agribusiness, health and insurance. 

Economically and spiritually empowered families and individuals can support themselves, their community and growing the economy of the whole region hence breaking the cycle of poverty. 

Do you want to invest in long-term solutions to poverty and enable the poor to transform their lives? Join Sawa’s Solution to long-term poverty alleviation!

 Community Health 

Sawa unlocks the potential of communities to advance their own holistic wellness. We are rooted in the communities we serve. The community members are at the center of finding solutions to their health challenges. Together we work to implement those solutions and break the cycle of disease, poverty and inequality.

How to get involved

No matter how you choose to get involved, when you’re a part of the Sawa, the support of generous people like you empowers us to achieve our mission.



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